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Bring the family, bring a friend, bring your appetite and come to Fieldstone Orchard to pick your own flavor-filled, organic fruits and vegetables. We're an easy drive from Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and surrounding towns or Emporia (see map).

When was the last time you tasted an apple picked right off the tree? Or snapped off an asparagus tip and popped it in your mouth? Do you remember picking cherries or blackberries and marveling at how intense those fresh flavors tasted? You can still do that, at Fieldstone Orchard & Farm.

Many children these days have little knowledge of where food actually comes from. They think it comes from a store. Bringing your children to Fieldstone Orchard will give them a sense of the wonder of nature's bounty. It's a fun way to grow in appreciation of what real farms with organic practices actually do and how organically grown fruits and vegetables start their trip to our homes.

_DSC2750_1_0064 Organically grown fruits and vegetables are cornerstones of a healthy diet. They're organically grown, naturally low in fat and cholesterol and high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. There's no better way to set an example for kids about healthy dietary choices than to bring them out to pick their own fruit organically grown.

Our orchard is yours for the picking. You decide the best-looking fruit to pick, and that's what you take home. We’ve identified areas in the orchard where the fruit is ripe and ready, and we've mowed the paths for your convenience. We even provide staff in the orchard to answer your questions and help you bring your pickings back to our U-Pick Headquarters.


Our customers tell us the experience of picking fruit at Fieldstone is one that children remember for the rest of their lives. So pack a lunch and share a meal at the Refreshment Area we've provided. See how many different tastes you can identify in our many varieties of heirloom apples organically grown. Try a fresh cider slushie, or buy a fresh jug of apple cider to crack open there and take home later.

What Can You Pick Today?

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Fieldstone Apple Cider
We press our own apples into apple cider throughout the season August through last press around end November. We usually freeze our last press if it is not all sold. What is frozen is usually available for purchase by appointment through the winter and into Spring if we have enough. Sometimes we add asian pears for flavor. If you are a winemaker, hard cider maker or like to ferment cider you can call or email us to arrange any amount of gallons you need. You can arrange to pick up direct after pressing in your own carboys or we can jug into gallons. We put a smidge of potassium sorbate into our cider unless you request otherwise and order in advance. The Brix on our fruit is usually around 18 which means less sugar needed and more flavor! We will do at least one press of pure Asian pear juice without potassium sorbate. Please call and reserve ahead if you are interested. 785-665-7643
Asian Pears October 12, 2014! Korean Giant asian pears are ready to be "picked" in our Sale Barn. In order to save the crop from the wasps we are picking them all ourselves. They have an amazing flavor this year and taste better a little green. They are cripsy, really juicy, sweet and complex in flavor! Hosui, 20th Century and Shinseki asian pears are picked out and finished. We have a good amount of Shinko asian pears ready to pick. Also some Bartlett type pears that are to be picked green and wrapped until ripe and yellow (great Amercian pear, sweet juicy mellow flavor). We have Korean Asian Giants in the Sale Barn for your purchase.
Apples OCTOBER 12, 2014 Fuji, Goldrush, Myra Fuji, Pink Lady & Staybrite, MYRA FUJI (amazingly sweet, tangy, juicy and sweet), FUJI are abundant and ready to pick, sweet, crispy, juicy with a nice resonating tanq! Gold Rush - tart tanqy crispy juicy; Pink Lady is also a nice tart apple with sweet notes. Staybrite - fabulous rich tart apple with depth and little chewiness in the finish and enough sweet to keep you eating more. In the cooler we have Fuji, Jonagold, Staybrite, Jonalicious, Grimes Golden, Mullin, Rome, Autumn Gala (ask about those in back) and Korean Giant Asian Pears.  

This is the last week we will be open for this season, October 27, 2014 to October 31, 2014 regular business hours. We have apples in the Sale Barn picked for you at 30% off and Monday and Tuesday we may still have Fuji's to Upick, call first and leave a message if picking is the main reason you are coming. We have our fresh pressed cider available as well.

Sunday 10am-5pm Monday 9am-4pm;Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Closed Saturday

Our NEW hours are:

CLOSED SATURDAYS; Sunday 10-5; Monday 9-4; Tuesday to Friday 9-5

Raspberries may be available in the Sale Barn usually through Thanksgiving. Call to check availability and pick up times.


Check out our recipes.


Raspberries freeze beautifully, with or without sugar and make a wonderful healthy snack for the children!

Try a drop of dark chocolate inside your raspberries for a decadent delight!

Gluten free pie? Ask Marianne about her gluten free recipes!

Have you ever tried almond butter on a slice of apple? try a drop of honey!

A tip: put a few drops of lemon juice on freshly slice apple so it will not oxidize.


We have...

2014 As it Ripes

Fuji - Crisp, sweet, juicy, a mild tang.. Lovely and tasty eating apple but nice to cook with too. Lots in the Sale Barn. They save well in your crisper of the frig. UPick ok 10/27 & 28/2014.

Gold Rush - tart, crispy, juicy, packed with flavor, perfect for pie and to each fresh if you like a good tart flavor-packed apple! October 12, 2014

Suncrips and Pink Lady - tart tangy, juicy, crispy lusciousness!! September 25, 2014. Suncrisp are finished.

Palladium grapes - concord red wine mix; best flavor yet this year; only about 10-20 lbs left on the vine to pick! Great for wine, jelly, grape juice. They do have seeds and the seeds are nutritious to eat. Grapes are finished.

Myra Fuji, Dixie Delicious, Rome - Myra Fuji is sweet and complex crisp juicy great eating apple, Dixie Del. is a delicious that is cripsier with more flavor, Rome right now is tart and packed with flavor. September 21, 2014 Dixie Delicious and Rome are finished but Rome are in the Sale Barn.

Jonagold, Jonalicious, Jonathan, Grimes Golden (heirloom variety complex sweet, tang crunchy juicy) apples are ready to pick Sept. 14, 2014. Getting picked out but still available. These are finished on the trees but Jonagold, Jonalicious remain in the Sale Barn.

Concord Grapes - sweet with seeds; tastes just like grape jelly! August 31,2014 Finished.

Ruby Jonathan apples - August 29, 2014 like a Jonathan but richer in flavor, deep beautiful red color nice large size. Finished.

Asian Pears - August 24, 2014; Sept. 14 - Korean Giant Asian pears are finished; fabulous flavor this year and more tasty a bit greener than golden. Crispy, juicy, luscious! We are picking them to save them from the wasps! Hosui, 20th Century, Shinseki all picked out.

Fieldstone Honey - August 17, 2014; honey from the beehives on our orchard tastes just like the orchard! Blue Ribbon winner this year Osage County 4-H Fair; goes quickly. Second harvest is in the store as of September 14, 2014 We have fresh frozen honey comb with raw honey in our freezer, a rare treat!! and we have comb honey in gift jars, too! Honey is finished.

Fieldstone Cider - August 17, 2014 until December 2014 usually; Pressed from our own apples and heirloom apples!

HoneyCrisp, Jonathan, Royal Gala - August 17, 2014; all these apples are crunchy & juicy! Gala is a sweet eating apple, HoneyCrisp is sweet with a refreshing sweet-tang; Jonathan sweet, tart, good fresh eating and baking and sauce. Gala and Honeycrisp finished as of Sept. 14; Jonathan continues and Autumn Gala we have a few in the store (ask when you come in.)

Plums - Italian Prune Plums (some picked ask if interested) & Sand Plums - August 14, 2014; Italians in the store; sand plums finished 8/21/2014

Paula Red apples - first of the fall apples!! crunchy juicy, tart and sweet, complex in flavor, heirloom variety from Leavenworth Kansas in 1868. July 27, 2014 - last weekend August 17, 2014

Crab apples - so great fresh in salads for a tart crunchy yum; roast them with veggies; great cooked with meats, make jelly, hard candy, chutneys (see my recipes!); July 27, 2014 - last weekend August 17, 2014

Shiro Japanese Yellow Plum - only one tree, they go quick; July 18 - 21 All picked & sold out

Blackberries - June 29, 2014 will be the first day of picking! August 15, 2014 officially finished. I have some in the freezer that were either too ripe to leave on the cane or had some minor bug damage but still good for juice.

Lodi apples - June 26 - 29. All picked out.

Sour Cherries - June 10, 2014 til picked / June 20, 2014. All Picked out, none to freeze.

Raspberries - June 10 until first frost Thanksgiving time. (We-Pick only; avail in Sale Barn) Call to save ahead.

2013 As It Ripens

Aparagus - April 13 to May 31

Sour cherries - June 21, 2013 - June 27, 2013

Raspberries - June 21, 2013 - frost (We-Pick only; avail in Sale Barn)

Blackberries - July 2 - August 25 (6 weeks or so)

Lodi/Yellow Transparent apples July 5-10

Summer Apples - July 25-28

Crabapples - August 6 - ? (yellow and  red, large)

Paula Red (first fall apple, heirloom variety) August 5 - 10

Asian Pears - August 31- September 30 or so (Hosui and 20th Century, then Shinseki about 1 week apart or so)

Apples - 38 varieties begin with Jonathan - August 31 - we will have some varieites available from We-Pick such as Gala. Some varieties don't ripen until October and even as late as November 15 such as Fuji, Gold Rush, Arkansas Black, Black Twig, Pink Lady check here or Facebook to learn what is ripe when.

Fresh cider  - hopefully end of Sept – Dec 1st (we will let you know as we get ready to press!) 


38 Varieties of apples, 4 varieties Asian pear


See Calendar for more specific dates



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